Unexpected toppings that make nachos that much better

Beef bulgogi

Korean and Mexican food — the combination that built the Roy Choi and Kogi BBQ empire in Southern California. It's easier to make than you think at home,

Roasted okra

Roasted okra has an earthy taste that goes well with corn tortillas, bright cheese and the tang of salsa.


Fish tacos are loved up and down the coastal areas, as well as using calamari — both sautéed and fried — on nachos.

Jerk chicken

Sure, you go to enough sports bars and you'll see BBQ chicken or buffalo chicken nachos buried on the menu somewhere.


Roasted poblano peppers in cream sauce? You're halfway to nacho-town at that point. Just a warning, not all poblanos are created of equal heat.

Fried avocado

Avocados aren't always in season, and we've found that sometimes the best way to sneak the less-than-stellar ones onto the plate is just with some panko crumbs.


Smoky, chocolate-y, earthy mole negro. Is there nothing you don't make better? Making mole from scratch though? 


There is something about ropa, Cuba's national dish, that we can't get enough of – whether it's vegetarian with beef, pork, chicken or jackfruit.

Roasted corn

Either fresh from the grill or frozen, roasted corn goes a long way to help nachos be more than just cheese, salsa and chips.

Roasted peppers

Such a simple addition that we don't think about enough — either freshly charring some peppers on our own, grabbing them frozen or even out of the jar. 


European chorizo is more of a cured meat closer to salami. And yup, once cooked, fresh chorizo is a natural on nachos. 


I know loads of people don't like olives. But sometimes you just want some extra salt with your creamy, melted cheese goodness. We don't judge.


Crumbled feta pairs nicely with salsa and onions, so if you're short on cheddar or just don't feel like having a ton of melted cheese on your nachos.

Refried black beans

A good batch of homemade refried beans can get you through not only your nachos, but for a healthy side full of fiber for the rest of the week. 


Either freshly diced or as grilled slices, we've never gone wrong adding mango to our nachos. 

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