Surprising Side Effects of Not Eating Carbs, Says Science

1. Stomach aches and        digestive discomfort

When it comes to properly balancing your diet, you want to make sure you get a healthy amount of fiber in your meals

No carb diets often eschew beans, fruits, and vegetables, meaning you shouldn't expect to get proper levels of fiber in your daily eating plan.

2. Heart disease

You might think that going cold turkey and cutting out carb-laden junk food like french fries and donuts could only improve your heart health.

While these kinds of empty-calorie foods can cause a ton of issues, don't expect life to get easier without any carbs of any kind

3.Potassium deficiencies

If you only focus on cutting out carbs when you completely ditch foods with them, you might cause your body to flush out other positive nutrients, namely potassium

Potassium ranks as one of the key minerals lost when you cut carbs, and dieters who adhere to a no-carb lifestyle might inadvertently cause long-term issues for themselve

4. Vitamin imbalances

Even if you avoid losing too much potassium from increased urination, you haven't made it out of the proverbial woods yet if you decide to jettison all carbs from your diet

In addition to expelling certain micronutrients, you can't easily obtain other vitamins and minerals unless you eat fruits and vegetables laden with carbs

5 Poor sleep

When you aim to lose weight, you actively put your body into a new functional state, and with this change, you can expect some mental side effects alongside physiological shifts

According to a study published in Pediatrics, a no-carb lifestyle ends up resulting in very poor sleep quality, which has strong ties to poor mental function

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