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Sahil Khan, born 5th November 1976, to a Chinese mother & a Muslim father in Kolkata, is a Bollywood Actor and a Fitness Entrepreneur.
He is popularly known as India’s Official Aesthetic King in fitness awareness, winning awards by several prestigious bodies in Mumbai.
However, his life took a surprise turn when N. Chandra, a highly respected Bollywood, (Indian Film Industry) director of “TEZAAB” fame, signed him on to play the lead role in his cult film “STYLE”.
Being a Transformation Coach, he aspires to educate and inspire people from all walks of life towards a common goal of healthy living.
In February 2016, Sahil launched India’s First & Only open-air beach gym called, “Muscle ‘n’ Beach Gym” at Baga Beach, Goa and created history.
On 10th October 2016, Sahil joined hands with India’s No.1 Selling Food Supplement Company, “Bigmuscles Nutrition” as Executive Director as well as Brand Ambassador
He has been chosen as the Judge for  Fit Factor Regional at “BodyPower India” to be held in Mumbai, January 2017.
A few years ago, he had launched an internationally certified ISO company that provided complete Web and Internet security to Banks, Corporates and individuals.
He is a crazy travel lover & workaholic, food addict and health freak. It is his commitment to revolutionize health, fitness and wellness especially in India.

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