Omicron virus

Omicron has such a long list of mutations that it was described by one scientist as "horrific", while another told me it was the worst variant they'd seen.
It has now been detected in more than 30 countries and there are signs it may be able to bypass some of our immunity.
But there are also claims that it could be milder than earlier versions of Covid, such as Delta.
Omicron is the most heavily mutated version of coronavirus found so far.
Director of the Centre for Epidemic Response and Innovation in South Africa, said there was an "unusual constellation of mutations" and that it was "very different" to other variants that  circulated.
He said there 50 mutations overall and more than 30 on the spike protein, which is the target of most vaccines and the key the virus uses to unlock the doorway into our body's cells.
The vaccines have been based on original form of virus that was first detected in Wuhan, in China. The concern is Omicron is now so different to the original that vaccines may not be as effective.
Scientists in South Africa have reported early evidence that Omicron can evade some of our immunity.

They detected a surge in the number of people catching Covid multiple times, which had not  seen with previous variants. However, the scientists stressed they did not know what this meant for vaccines

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