Lost' cities recently re-discovered

He'd heard of the lost city of Vijanyangara, but he wasn't sure what he'd found. He had no idea he was looking at the ruins of a 14th century empire.

Their empire was renowned for its efficiency and magnificent architecture. A row of 11 domed elephant stables is one of the most incredible stone carvings ever made.

In 1565, a war ravaged the city, which fell. The beautifully restored monuments are now part of the Hampi UNESCO World Heritage Site in Vijayanagara, central Karnataka.

In 1748, the Duke of Naples built a summer palace on Italy's west coast, 14 miles south of Naples. As workers dug foundations, they discovered a lost city's buildings and streets

During the Victorian era, people flocked to see the mysterious town as more was discovered. They discovered a huge amphitheatre, a beautiful villas, streets, shops, and brothels

Pompeii is usually one of the world's most visited tourist attractions (2,5 million in 2018). It's amazing to see this world frozen in time, the colours of the wall paintings as if just finished.

American history Professor Paul Kosok was fascinated by ancient settlements and he devoted much of his time making studies in Peru. While he was there in 1948 he made a once in a lifetime discovery.

The site is 5,000 years old, according to Peruvian archaeologist Ruth Shady. With 3,000 pre-Inca inhabitants, it thrived even before the Egyptian pyramids were built.

In 1922, R D Banerji, an archaeologist with the Archaeological Survey of India, was investigating a Buddhist monument in Sindh, now Pakistan.

When British diplomat Stephen Bushell set out for Xanadu in 1872, he wasn't the only one enchanted by the lost 13th-century city.

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