Khiladi Trailer Review

Ravi Teja movies have never been more popular in recent years. It might be due to the success of the crack movie, or it could be due to the gravity of the Khiladi film.

Whatever the case may be, Ramesh Verma's Khiladi has a lot riding on it.

The trailer for Khiladi was released in a way that fell short of those expectations.

The trailer depicts all of the components of a mainstream film. Khiladi has it all: action, romance, comedy, glamour, and songs.

Ravi Teja is correct in his portrayal of a man who will do anything for money. If you see the trailer, the fact that the movie revolves around money makes sense.

The trailer's aesthetics are stunning. The production values are extravagant. Devisree Prasad has an excellent background score.

Overall, the trailer serves to raise anticipation for the film. Ravi Teja's career-highest budget film is Khiladi.

Not only that, but Ravi Teja was also awarded the biggest salary of his career.

Overall, the film is made of of 50% stylish action, 20% romance, 20% Mass Raja mannerisms, and 10% plot.

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