iPhone 14 Release Date: When We Expect Apple's New iPhone

However, release date iPhone rumours are usually taken seriously. No release date has been announced yet.

However, the company will likely hold its annual fall iPhone event in September 2022, with releases following shortly thereafter.

A new iPhone from Apple is usually unveiled between September 1 and 2. The iPhone 13 series was unveiled on Tuesday.

Sept. 14, preorders on Sept. 17, and sales on Sept. 24. Apple's fall event for the iPhone 14 could be held either

Sept. 6 or 13 Preorders for iPhones usually go live on Fridays of the same week, so I'd expect that to happen on Sept. 9 or 16.

iPhones usually ship a week and a half after Apple announces them. Apple sometimes delays model launches.

Especially when introducing a new design or size, the iPhone 14 may have multiple release dates.

Another theory dates back a few years, when CNET dug into the Apple event timeline and came up with a compelling Labor Day hypothesis.

The Labor Day rule would place the September Apple event (and iPhone 14 unveiling) on September 7, with a September 16 release date.

Labor Day was predicted to be a week off in 2021 and a month off in 2020 due to coronavirus delays.

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