In Bengaluru on Thursday night, activists and residents opposed to the CAA and NRC organised a campaign to make #GoBackModi trend on Twitter.

It all started in Tamil Nadu, when the hashtag #GoBackModi was trending almost every time the Prime Minister visited the state. Kerala was next, with #PoMoneModi.

For the first time, during the Prime Minister's two-day visit to Karnataka on Thursday and Friday, the hashtag #GoBackModi trended in the state.

On Thursday night, 'Hum Bharat Ke Log,' a group of organisations protesting the CAA and NRC in Bengaluru, organised a campaign to make #GoBackModi trend on Twitter.

Later in the day, at a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens held at Bengaluru Town Hall, a group of demonstrators put up posters stating #GoBackModi.

Protesters screamed "Go Back Modi" shouts as well. Because authorities rejected permission for the protest to take place earlier in the day, it took place after Prime Minister Modi had left the city.

The demonstration in Town Hall on Friday is the first manifestation of the phrase and hashtag that will be used across Karnataka during Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit.

According to Avani, this is also a sign that Bengaluru citizens are becoming more vocal about the government's policies. Avani Choksi, one of the protesters 

Modi remarked during his speech in Tumakuru on Thursday that those protesting the CAA were protesting against those who had fled Pakistan because to religious oppression.