'All Of Us Are Dead' Cast Revealed On Netflix

While zombies aren't very popular, the upcoming Netflix Korean thriller drama All of Us Are Dead is set to

 the iconic movie monsters. With recent releases like My Name, Hellbound, and The 

Silent Sea, people are becoming obsessed with Korean content. 

The star-studded cast of All of Us Are Dead will send chills down your spine on January 28.This month

, All of Us Are Dead joins the service, introducing a group of students trapped in their 

high school by a zombie outbreak. These aren't your typical shambling undead, 

Zombies are bad enough, but when they crawl after their victims at top speed, they seem demonic.

Fans are awestruck by the thought of the impressive star cast creating magic on the small screen. 

Here are the cast members of the supernatural thriller film. The main cast of All of Us Are Dead is made up of young South Korean actors .