Do You Have To Watch American Horror Story In Order?

Obsessed with the hit show American Horror Story? Then this blog post is for you! Find out whether or not you really need to watch it in order and what the potential pros and cons of that decision might be. Every day, a cast of actors and actresses converge on a set to make movies for us. Sometimes, they do it by playing imaginary characters who live in fantastic realms where nothing is impossible, but sometimes they’re not acting at all. The magic comes from watching that performance – what started as a grainy image on a piece of film into that night’s blockbuster hits. Learn the fact-checking process of the actors and what you should start doing before jumping in

What are the best TV shows to watch

There are many TV shows that are worth watching, but the top four best shows seem to be Friends, Game of Thrones, Queer Eye, and Stranger Things. These four series are the best because they have simple stories written by mostly good people which makes for easy viewing even for someone who’s not interested in horror. Considering that many Americans spend more time watching television than they do socialize, there are numerous benefits to watching American Horror Story. The key is finding the best show for you to watch, because if it’s not your cup of tea, then the entire run will most likely be a waste of time. From daytime dramas to hard-hitting crime TV shows, there are plenty of options for your weekly TV schedule. But before you dive into binge-watching any new series, research which programs are worth tuning in.

Do you have to watch each show in order?

I’ve seen quite a few of the American Horror Story TV shows. I felt like I was up to speed on what happened so, I missed out on some key details. But I understand enough to know how they came together and who’s who–the blind girl, the nun, etc. To watch American Horror Story in order doesn’t seem like it would be necessary. With seasons airing on different patterns, it is difficult to watch each season in the order they were released.
A couple of examples are “Coven” which aired in 2013, “Freak Show” which aired in 2014, and “Hotel” will air later this year starting on September 5th, 2016. Some people find it frustrating to figure out which order they should watch these shows in. Not only do some fans love to watch them one by one but the show’s creators do not encourage this view. Some websites, like IMDb, state that each season can stand alone and can be watched by any audience without prior knowledge of other seasons.

Duplicates on cable TV

Duplicates are an issue that American Horror Story has always struggled with. With close to 16 seasons, several theories have emerged about why there are so many iterations of the same show on TV. Some say that the different seasons are actually each a different show, but re-edited into one TV program. Others think that each American horror story is actually separate, making cable tv extra annoying because it repeats material over and over again. American Horror Story is one of the most popular programs on TV, but many people are unsure if they have to watch one show in order to ensure that other shows are equally as great. If you want to be prepared for future seasons of American Horror Story, you should try to find shortcuts so that you do not have to suffer the torture of watching an entire season before it will air on TV again.

A warning about watching popular series without watching some prior episodes

A lot of American adults have watched the critically acclaimed show American Horror Story, but what is true for most series? Does watching AHS in order ensure an optimal viewing experience? The best way to experience a popular series is to watch all of it. I know that I’ll miss out on a number of things watching different seasons or even just one installment in a series, but for a few years back during my diet I tried watching [popular TV show] without [previous episodes]. The result was an argument with my wife every bit about how wonderfully the show made you feel compared to when you watched one episode in order. One of the most popular American Horror Story episodes is Season 1 Episode 3, Asylum. So many students watch this episode that Scariest Thing Ever was seen in a promotional advertisement, titled “Scariest Thing Ever” for Murphy Manufacturing. If people watched the episodes in order, they would have understood that something was going on inside the asylum, and they wouldn’t have been so shocked by seeing these horrific events take place. In this case, there were many loops, flashbacks to happenings from Halloween Eve, etc., all revealed later on.


We’re glad you asked. As we do not live in one world, and American Horror Story is not for everybody, we recommend that people watch the series with low expectations and find their own personal enjoyment from it. Ilene Chaiken, the co-creator of American Horror Story tells us that “If you love or enjoy horror films, TV, or literature then it’s not really any more devastating for you to watch one at the theatre than it is to read one.” So now, do you have to watch American Horror Story to know what it is about? The short answer is no. Not having watched the show myself I cannot vouch for its content or that of any of its affiliated media, but for those with an interest in horror that are looking into the series there are plenty of resources out there.